Thursday, July 4, 2013

How To Add Datarow From One Datatable To Another C# .

 If you try to add a DataRow to DataTable using Rows.Add() Method you will get "This row already belong to another table"  Error.

Wrong Way To Add DataRow

            DataTable DataTableOriginal = new DataTable();
            DataTable DataTableDuplicate = new DataTable();
            foreach (DataRow dr in DataTableOriginal.Rows)
               // if you add like this you will get an error

Correct Way To Add DataRow

                 DataTable DataTableOriginal = new DataTable();
            DataTable DataTableDuplicate = new DataTable();
            // the clone method copies the structer of datatableorginal to datatableduplicate
            DataTableDuplicate = DataTableOriginal.Clone();
            foreach (DataRow dr in DataTableOriginal.Rows)
//importrow method copies the datarow to datatableduplicate which has the correct structure


To add or copy a DataRow form one Datatable to another Datatable 
1. we need to copy the structure of the the data table that is to be copied using clone() method. 
2. Copy the datarow from one table to another using ImportRow() method.

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