Thursday, July 12, 2012

Select and Deselect All check boxes in a Grid Using JavaScript

Call the below function in the onclick event of the header check box.

function SelectDeselect(headerCheckBox) {

//Get grid view object using grid view id.

var gridViewControl = document.getElementById('<%=GridView1.ClientID %>');

//Get all input tags from the grid view(i.e table).

var inputTagsFromGrid = gridViewControl.getElementsByTagName("input");

//Loop through each input tag and check the type and select or deselect the input field.

for (index = 0; index < inputTagsFromGrid.length; index++) {

//Checking the type as check box or not.

if (inputTagsFromGrid[index].type == 'checkbox') {

//This will be selected or deselected based on the header checkbox selection.

inputTagsFromGrid[index].checked = headerCheckBox.checked;



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