Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Interview Questions ONLY

 Pennywise Solutions

1. what is masterpage ? use of materpage..?

2.  what is meant by sitetemplate ? how can u create a site template?

3. Wat is meant by work flow ? how can u create a workflow on lists and libraries

4. Wat is meant by webpart ? how can u deploy the webpart ? h’w many ways we deploy the webpart

5. did u use any contenteditor webpart in ur project..?

6. Wat is meant by features, uses of features ? did u create any features in ur project..?

7. did u create any event handlers ? on which events u rised those event handlers…?

8. Wat is sharepoint solution file..?

9. did u write any BDC in ur project..?

10. did u configure enterprise search crawl settings ? how ?

11. what is sharepoint object model ..?

12. diff betwen intranetsite extranet site and internet sites

13.  h’w can u create a cutsomtemplates..?

14. what is the use of infopath forms…? did u use any datasource in infopath forms..?

15. what is meant by Farm ?

16. Wat is SPweb , spsite, sitecollection..?

17. Wat is meant by SSP..?

18. what is sitedefinition ? how can we deploy..?

19. can we customise default webparts…..? h’w ..?

20. What is the typical development environment for share point?

21.  How do you move code from Development t production? Is any custom tool

22.  How do you connect external data from MS SQL or SAP to sharepoint?

23. Say about the architecture of sharepoint?

24. Some questions from content management such us how wil u design policy
pages and about your past projects?

25. How will you integrate an existing ASP.Net application or Java
application with sharepoint?

26. Say about document collaboration and workflows in sharepoint?

27. Say about Event Handlers in Sharepoint?

28.How will u deploy a webpart in sharepoint?

29. Wat is an infopath form and how to connect to external data sources from

30. HOw will you change the layout of a site?Is there any tool to achive it?

31.  How will access the Sharepoint Object Model?

32. How will import data from external Data source to Sharepoint thru BDC?

33. How will back up restore sites?

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