Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Interview Questions Programmatically.

Intelli Group

1. How can u create a customwebparts through vs2005 ? tell me the stepwise

2 .Tell me abt contentEditor Webpart..?

3. Tell me the Base class Methods in developing a webpart..?

4. What is the use of create child controls()..?

5. How can we configure the Enterprise search ? tell me the steps..?

6. Did u use any Webusrcontrls in ur project..? can u tell me the differences between Webparts and webuserconrols…?

7. What is the use of ” Using” clause…? 
8. write the coding for creating a customlist say order list , that list should be populate with orders table ..?

9. How to Deploy the sharepoint designer workflows from dev server to production server?

10. difference between SPSite , SPWeb..?

11.  h’w can u create the Custom fields ..?

12. wat is the use of BDC..? DID u write any BDC code in ur project ../

13. wat r the features..? did u create any features in ur project…? wat r the feature classes that u used

14. can u tell me the steps to deploy the SPSite to production through the Sharepoint Solution ?

15.  is it possible to set the permissions levels on list and libraires by using sp object model…?

16. Define content types…?

17. what r the work flows that u r created in ur project…?

Canu tell me the steps to create the work flows throguh Sharepoint desingers..?

18. can u tel me abt the event Handlers..?

19. what is meant by “RunwithElevatedPrivillages..?

20. Can u tell me h’w to install a feature(command) ..?

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