Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sharepoint Interview Questions(CTS Interview Questions)

Mahendra Satyam sharepoint Inteview Questions

CTS Interview Questions

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1)How to identify the IIS Server Whethe it is Page Or Sharepoint page at IIS ?

2)How to fetch the data from multiple lists ?

3) Life cycle and Webpart Life Cycle?

4)Form Topology?

5)Throttling? and Load Balancing?

6)Difference between SSP and SSA?

7)Infopath Forms (Conditional Formating?)

8)Zones?and Explain about FBA?

9)How to give the access to External Users?

10)OOPS Concepts?

11)How to check the users or groups?

12)Crawl Logs and Rules?

13)Search Scopes?

14)What is the importance of Sync DB and Tags DB?While configure the User Profiles?

15)What are the config files?

16)Ghosting and Unghosting with example?



19) Using Keyword?

20) How to deploy the Workflows using sharepoint designer 2007?

21)How to move the workflows from Testing server to Production server in Moss 2007?

22)How to move the content query webpart from Testing server to Production Server?

23)How to move the BCS from Testing to Production Server?

24)Fast Search Configure?

25)What is ADF?

26)How to move the MasterPage(Sharepoint Designer) from Testing to Production Server?

27)Program about Concated Lists?

28)How to maintain the Lotus Notes Application in Sharepoint?

29) Lotus Notes Mail Integration?

30)CAML Queries(Fetch the Data from Different lists) and LINQ Queries?

31)Sandboxed SolutionArchicture?Trust Levels?


33)How to publish the infopath forms to sharepoint?and deploy to deploy to production server?

34)How to reset the IIS after deploy the wsp on production server?

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