Friday, September 21, 2012

Full trust and Code Access Security (CAS) in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will discuss how full trust and Code Access Security (CAS) works in SharePoint 2010 and we will check the limitations and benifits. Also you can check my last article on Authentication, Authorization and Identities in SharePoint 2010.

I am interested in writing this article because Anusha asked What is full trust and CAS in SharePoint 2010?

Code Access Security:
- This is partial trust model.

- The assemblies will be deployed to the bin directory of the corresponding SharePoint web application.

- The solution will be scoped to the web application only, not to the farm level.

- Any other files like resource or image files will be deployed to the SharePoint root directory.

Full Trust:
- In case of Full trust the assemblies in your solution are deployed to the global assembly cache on each Web front-end server and application server in the server farm.

- Here the code will run with full trust and runs without any code access security restrictions.

- Here the solution will be available to any web application on the server farm.

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